Herbs That Cure Depression Naturally: A Quick Overview

Negative emotions and depression distract you from focusing on the goals of your life. Everyone, without exception face this neurological disorder in some point of the life or the other. Feeling lethargic, abandoned and losing interest are some of the symptoms which indicate that you are undergoing depression. There may be an endless number of reasons of your being depressed. It could be the loss of a job, loss of a near one, divorce, failure, some chronic disease and a lot more.

Ayurveda Cures Chittavsada:

Depression is termed as Chittavsada in Ayurveda. The experts are of the belief that depression is caused with the addition of rajas and tamas in the mind and when kapha dosha is vitiated. In some of the cases, vata also causes depressions. As the life of the victim can be endangered and most of people end up in taking their lives, it is wise to cure the depression if it continues for a prolonged period.

Herbs That Treat Depression:


Mostly available in the form oils, this herb is very effective treatment of depression. It soothes the mind and the regular massage of Brahmi oil on the head gives the sensation of well-being. It has a cooling effect and its regular usage keep depression at bay.


Do you know that the turmeric which is used to flavor your food is also an effective herb to curb depression. It is used in treating depression that is caused by seasonal changes.


Ashwagandha helps in curbing negative emotions. It is proven that the regular consumption of this herb helps you to fight negative thoughts and calms your mind naturally.


This is another herb which is easily available in every kitchen. The pleasant odor of cardamom soothes your nerves. So, when you are depressed you should put cardamom in tea and drink it to obtain wonderful results.


Guggulu has come into the news recently due to its component: Guggulsterones. This special chemical is very beneficial in treating depression as it helps in elevating your mood by improving nervous co-ordination.

Also Try These Home Medications:

  • Indulge in Yoga exercises early in the morning and tune in to some soothing music.
  • Eating apple along with milk and honey elevates your mood.
  • Drinking lime juice releases the hormones that fight with stress. So, drinking a cold glass of lemonade helps when you are depressed.  

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