Health File: A Quick Overview

Vitamin E Helps to Cure Dementia:

As per a recent study, taking regular dosages of Vitamin E helps in curing dementia. Dementia is the progressive deterioration of cognitive behavior marked by emotional empathy. A study published in “The journal of American Medical Association” has revealed that the patients of dementia show recovery and the rate of their mental declination slows down when they take Vitamin E on a regular basis. People victimized either by Alzheimer disease or dementia must take Vitamin E to continue doing their daily chores without hassles. 

Consumption of Peanuts By Expecting Mother Saves the Child From Allergy: 

As per an authentic report, consumption of peanuts during pregnancy prevents the child from any kind of allergies. According to Michael Young, MD of Boston Children’s Division of Allergy and Immunology, All the expecting mothers who are not allergic towards dry fruits must take peanuts during pregnancy. 

Sound Sleep Means Sound Mind: 

Dearth of a sound sleep at night affects your nervous system the same way as any blow to your head.  As per a study conducted at the University of Uppsala, Sweden, sleepless night can wreak havoc on the mind of even a hail and heart person because lack of sleep gives rise to the kind of molecules in your blood that affect your brain adversely. For a healthy mind, a sound sleep of eight hours is essential. 

Women Have Better Immunity Levels: 

As per a recent study, women have relatively better immunity levels. They are more capable to fight with diseases in comparison to their male counterparts. Owing to this reason, they live longer. Japanese researchers have conducted survey of the people between 20-90 years of age and found out that white blood cells that defend our body against diseases get reduced in number gradually with growing age. However, female hormone estrogen prevents them from heart diseases which is the reason why they are less susceptible to heart diseases till their menopause. As per an article published in “Open access Journal immunity and aging, sex hormones have a direct effect on our immunity levels. 

Light Breakfast Means Reduced Weight: 

It is true that breakfast is the most important meal of the day so it should not be skipped. However, studies have shown that the people who take lighter breakfast like oatmeal or porridge are able to shed weight quickly. Also, it should be taken in the early hours of the day. 

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