Ears Disorders

For Ear Infection: 

  • Take the extract of mango leaves and put this in each ear when it is lukewarm to get rid of ear infection. 
  • Extract of marigold leaves is excellent and brings relief to the people suffering from intolerable ear aches. 

Boils Inside the Ear:

  • Take two spoonfuls of mustard oil and two cloves of garlic along with a half spoonful of carom seeds, boil them till they are red and finally put the sieved mixture in each ear. 
  • If your ear is aching then you can take a small spoonful of lukewarm water and put some drops of lime juice in it. If you put 4 drops of this mixture in each year on a regular basis, you will get long-term relief. 

For Weak Ears: 

People who have trouble in hearing can try the following these two invaluable tips. 

  • Put two drops of raw onion juice in each of your ears. 
  • If you are suffering from complete deafness then putting a few drops of Margosa (Neem) oil in each year will be very beneficial. 
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