3 Sexual Secrets About Women That Men Do Not Know

Do you know what your lady love wants? Do you want to give her optimum sexual pleasure, but do not know how to go about it? If yes, it is time for you to explore the three sexual secrets about women so that you can satisfy her in bed and win her heart forever. Use these 3 sexual secrets to your advantage.

Women Love Sex as Much As You Do:

Most of the guys are under the false impression that it is they who crave for sex. Women also love sex as much as they do. There is only a difference that they conceal their craving for sex and want you to take the lead. If you can give her everything she wants in bed, you will get everything back in turn and both of you end up with having mutually satisfied feeling.

So, you need not lure your woman, just give her what she wants. Her vagina is the most sexually sensitive part. Try to give her vaginal orgasms and multiple orgasms will then follow. Every woman hates the guys who make it faster without caring for them. Try to make sex different every time you go to bed with her.

Most of the Women Are Sexually Submissive:

With only a few exceptions, most of the women are sexually submissive. So, do not commit the blunder by expecting them to instigate sex and taking control of it. You will be disappointed. Every woman likes their man to be masculine and confident sexually. If you fall down on your knees and anticipate her to take the lead, then you should better forget about making love with her.

Women Reciprocate Sexually:

You dream of having dirty sex with her, but when you come to bed with her you realize that a dream is always a dream. But, this is actually not so. You can get whatever you desire and dreamt of but first ask your woman about her desires. While indulging in the intercourse, ask her what she wants you to do, which positions she likes the most and try to hold yourself for longer. She is sure to reciprocate and will give what you want.

She loves to be cuddled after sex, love to be caressed prior to sex. Love to hear “I love you” during the sex and will be totally submissive if she knows you love her truly.

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