What Should You Do When Kids Suffer from Burns?

Diwali is round the corner and the ecstasy of the kids who love to burn crackers knows no bounds. But, do you know what needs to be done when your little ones suffer from burns? If, despite taking precautions your kid gets burnt then make use of these useful tips for an immediate respite.

Soak the Burnt Area in the Milk:

One of the best possible ways to soothe the burnt area of your skin is to soak it in the milk. It is a convenient option because everybody has milk available at home all the time. But, do not use toned milk. It is the fat content of milk that brings the desired relief from the injury. You can either soak the affected area in the milk for 15-20 minutes or can keep a milk-soaked washcloth on the area.

Clean the Burnt Area:

To help the burn heal faster you should clean the area as thoroughly as you can. Wash the area with soap and water and apply Betadine. Also, try to keep the burnt dry with the help of a gauze.

Apply Vaseline or Turpentine Oil:

Turpentine or paraffin wax is helpful in keeping the burn site moist and protect it from dust. This is helpful in fast healing.

Succulent Aloe-Vera Leaves Provide Instant Relief:

Pluck a succulent aloe-vera leaf from your backyard and apply the gel all over the affected area. Doing so, will provide you an instant relief from the burning sensation and any mark of the burn would not remain.

In Short:

Burns, even if they are minor should be treated immediately. So, you need not rush to a medical shop to purchase a chemical-based cream. Try the above home remedies and let the natural healing process start. Most important is to clean the burnt area with Betadine.

What Not to Do? (Never Place the Affected Area Under Very Cold Water)

The knee-jerk reaction to the burns is placing the affected area under icy cold water or rubbing ice cubes over the burnt surface. However, this should be strictly avoided because it makes the situation worse by killing the cells of that area and the healing process does not start. In place of cold water you should water to lower the temperature of the site so that the burning sensation do not spread.

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