Blood Donation is Healthy: Myths Related to Blood Donation Busted!!

There are millions of people who apprehend that donating blood regularly causes lost vigor and stamina and choose to stay away from donating life in the form of blood to the needy. This is not so, your body makes up for the lost blood in the span of 24 hours. Let us have a quick look at some more prevalent myths pertaining to the blood donation and the truth.

Myth: Anyone can donate the blood.

Truth: To donate the blood you should be above the age of 18 and should weigh more than 50 kgs.

Myth: You can donate blood, even if you are diseased.

Truth: People suffering from malaria, hepatitis, jaundice, HIV, etc. cannot donate blood.

Myth: People suffering from diabetes cannot donate blood.

Truth: They can, if there sugar level is normal at the time of donating blood.

Myth: You can do any work after donating blood.

Truth: No. Though normal work can be done after donating blood. But, you should not indulge in heavy physical labor. 

Myth: You can eat anything after blood donation.

Truth: After donating blood you should take a lot of water, juices and fresh fruits. Also, you should take light food only and should not smoke at least four hours after donating blood.

Myth: Blood can be donated anytime.

Truth: Blood can be donated only after a time gap of three months.

Myth: Donating blood results in infections and diseases.

Truth: Blood donation does not cause any disease.

Myth: Blood donation results in weakness.

Truth: Your body recovers the lost blood in the time span of 24 hours so there is no question of your being feeling tired or weak after blood donation.

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